How to Choose Colors For Your Home?

How to Choose Colors For Your Home?

You love your home because of the homely feeling it gives you. So it’s only fair you paint it charming and you paint it right. Wondering how to go about it? Here are some tips on how to choose colors for your home.

While choosing colors for the walls, of say the living room, make sure it goes well with the architecture and the theme, if there is one. If your rooms are simply cubicle and cute, perk it up with warm colors. Keep in mind that using multiple colors always brightens up a boring room. Each of the four walls can have a different shade of the color you picked. Make it go from a lighter shade to darker and watch the room come alive.

If the room has a vintage theme, go for a rustic look. Tidy it down with a dark and earthy color like brown on the master wall and a warm, but not bright, tawny yellow on the other three. If the wood on the walls have a beautiful color, that’ll do! You can save money on paint. Give it a glossy finish and keep off termites. This is sure to give the room a homey touch. Make sure the antics and other ornaments blend well with the colors you have chosen.

If you are an artist and want your home to radiate your creativity and awesomeness, paint the interior royal with shades that go along with dull colors. Paint a particularly standout wall with a Prussian blue, burgundy or olive green and paint the others with a pale yet zesty shade of gray. Off-white is a good substitute if you aren’t a fan of gray. If this combination gives you a headache, have no worries. Go for a mild red along with sky blue. Feel free to decorate the walls with clever brush strokes and designs. The plus of having an artistic look is that any color you choose can be turned into a masterpiece. If turquoise is your color, then don’t hesitate. Keep parts of the wall white and fit low hanging yellow lights on the ceiling. On the white areas, you can hang paintings and other artworks.

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