13 Super Tips to Make Your Relationship Rocking in 2013

13 Super Tips to Make Your Relationship Rocking in 2013

Here are 13 super tips to make your relationship rocking this year as you embark upon a yet another year together.

1. Road trip

Plan a road trip. It gives time for you two to bond, communicate and get to know each other better, and even enjoy road side food.

2. Candle light dinners

Plan candle light dinners at a lovely restaurant, enjoy a hearty meal with your sexiest evening wear.

3. Converse more often.

Sex is so much fun, but to grow as a couple, you need to just lie down, spend time and talk to each other.

4. Cooking together

Cook together; make the delicacies you enjoy. Food certainly helps strengthen your bond.

5. Enroll in a hobby activity

Take a hobby class together, perhaps pottery or adventure sports, something you both can enjoy and cherish together.

6. Hang out with common friends

Sometimes, couples fight more when they spend time with only each other. It helps when you get out of the love nest, call your common friends over and plan get together.

7. Organize family dinners

Get to know your partner well by meeting his family, see where he grew up, and know the special parts of his life.

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