4 Christmas Office Party Games

4 Christmas Office Party Games

There is this belief about the office Christmas parties that they are sober affairs which involve a lot of formal talk and lots of drinking. It is something that employees have to attend and if you make it boring, then they would probably grit their teeth through it and just wait for the party to get over. You can design the games that you can play for a Christmas office party in such a way that the people can enjoy it and also get to know their co-workers more. It is important that you come up with games that involve a lot of team work and people conversing and planning together. Put people from different departments together so that they can also get to know each other. The aim of the games should be to bring people together and let them have a good time and not have one of those boring office parties. Here are some games that you can play during the office Christmas party.

1. Finish the quote or the proverb

You write them half quotes in lots of papers and make people choose and pick on piece of paper and walk away. They open their papers read their half quotes and find a person who can complete the quote. This game involves a lot of shouting and also a lot of guessing in case they do not know how the quote or the proverb ends or sounds completely. The first three pairs who come up with a complete quote or a proverb win the game.

2. What is in the stocking

Pack a gift in the most difficult manner possible so it does not move and give away any clues. Put it in a stocking and pass it to the teams that you have made. Each team gets a few guesses and have to write the guesses on a piece of paper. If no one guesses it right, the team with the closest guesses can take what is wrapped inside. Since it is a team game, wrap something that can be shared by the team. Chocolate bars are a good option.

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