7 Tips to Organize a Baby Shower for a Friend

7 Tips to Organize a Baby Shower for a Friend

It’s always a fun and joyous task to organize a baby shower for a woman who is close and dear to you. A baby shower should be organized during the 7th month of a woman’s pregnancy by a female close to her. Just like marriage and honeymoon, this occasion also becomes a milestone one for your friend, so you ought to make sure it goes perfectly well.

1. Set the baby theme

While baby showers can be organized with any kind of a theme, keeping the theme of a newborn baby seems apt and traditionally correct. Tell your guests to dress up in soft pastels such as baby blue and pretty pink. Decorate the venue with baby toys, prams, strollers, fragrant flowers, sweet mother and baby quite posters, etc.

2. Invite carefully

The mom-to-be shouldn’t get upset at any cost as it is her big day. So it’s advisable to not throw surprise baby shower bashes, since the sudden jerk can cause her and the baby harm. Also, make sure you run the final guest list by her so that she doesn’t have to deal with people she wouldn’t want to spend her baby shower with.

3. Organize fun games

The atmosphere of fun, frolic and merry can be maintained when there are good games being played. You could instruct each guest to get their childhood picture and post them on a board. Number them all and let each guest write down their guess about whose picture is which woman’s. The one who gets the most guesses right, wins. You could indulge in many such simple games.

4. Keep rich foods

Baby showers are not the occasions to diet; they are kept for the women to make merry and be themselves. Keep rich, comfort foods such as cheesy quiches, pastas, milkshakes and cupcakes. Get a made-to-order cake for the to-be mom.

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