5 Great Tips to Make Your First Date Memorable

5 Great Tips to Make Your First Date Memorable

You have known someone for some time, you might have met him at a party, met him online or gotten introduced through a mutual acquaintance. After talking over the phone or chatting or just emailing each other, you have found out that there could be something more than a friendship and agree to go out on a date. In such cases, going out on the first date could be seriously nerve wrecking. You will be filled with doubts wondering if you had made the right choice and if it would out well, and you may also wonder if it was the right thing to do. It becomes all the more difficult if you had not been dating for a long time or if you had just come out of a bad relationship. There are so many things that can go wrong; things could either get heated up pretty fast or you might be disappointed. But it is always good to give it a try and here are some tips to make your first date memorable.

1. Take it slow

Even if you think you know each other pretty well and that you are pretty close to each other, take it a little slow. Kissing is fine, but going to bed on the first date should be put aside if you really want to make your first date memorable. Not that it is wrong, but it takes out the fun of the entire dating experience when you have sex on the first date.

2. Wine tasting

If you are nervous and are still uncomfortable being alone with him, you can go out on a wine tasting. You will be in a group and will also have lots of time to talk, without having to stare at each other for a long time. You will be in your comfort zone and the wine may also loosen you up a little bit if you swallow it instead of just tasting it.

3. Dance class

If either of you go to a dance class, you can take the other along. You can get pretty close and also know if the other person dances as bad as you or is as good as you. This is a great way to see if you guys are compatible physically and the things you do will also make the date quite memorable.

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