8 Easy Recipes for Halloween Treats

8 Easy Recipes for Halloween Treats

Halloween is a holiday that is known for candies. Although it is easy for you to go to the store and buy the candies, it is healthy and fun to make some treats on your own. You do not have to slave away in the kitchen or know baking to make these easy to make treats. This Halloween, make your family and friends happy and surprised with this spooky and innovative treats. Here are some easy recipes to make those yummy Halloween treats.

1. Little marshmallow pumpkins

This treat brings together every aspect of Halloween. There are marshmallows, pumpkins and the wonderful Halloween colors. It is easy to make too. Take white marshmallows, heat the edges a little and fuse them together to make small pumpkins. You can color them yellow or orange and use M&M’s to make the eyes and the mouth. You can also draw the wide mouth using syrup.

2. Bloody mock tails and cocktails

Depending on the age of the drinkers you can either make a bloody mock tail or a cocktail. Add some raspberry sorbet to cranberry juice with a dash of lemon and sprinkle it with Marshmallow bits to make it look like flesh floating in blood. If you are making the drinks for adults, you can add some red wine or vodka in place of the raspberry sorbet.

3. Slimy cheese balls

Take any cheese that you can roll into small balls and cover it with herbs. Add a bit of syrup or olive oil to make it slimy and you have tasty but yucky looking treats that would fit right in for a Halloween night.

4. Halloween themed crackers

If you have the time and are into baking then you can have a field day with the Halloween themed crackers. You can bake cookies or crackers and cut them into scary shapes like skulls, cats and more. There is no dearth of scary shapes you can make. You can also color them or added measure.

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