8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Father in Law

8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Father in Law

Christmas spreads warmth, cheer and happiness even when you are knee deep in snow. Your father-in-law is another soul that spreads an equal if not better warmth, cheer and happiness. Here are some gifts to show him your love and affection and make him truly happy this Christmas.

1. Reading throw

If your father-in-law loves books and has a great collection of those, you could get him something that complements his love for books. A soft and warm reading throw that he can curl up with while reading a book can make his reading experience all the more pleasurable. And a warm throw this winter is just the ideal choice of Christmas gift for the voracious reader in him.

2. E-reader

This again appeals to most father-in-laws who are voracious readers or simply love to lap up information online and offline. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or the iPad mini features on anybody’s Christmas wish-list. Get your father-in-law this lovely gift and make him feel treasured this season.

3. Retro record player

All of us love to go back to those good old days and enjoy a little bit of retro elements in our life now. The retro record player will do just this. Those spinning old vinyls on a gramophone are things the earlier generations have grown up with. If finding or affording a vintage gramophone is tough, you can get your father-in-law a mini turntable with vinyls playing yesteryear hits.

4. Wallets

Wallets are a very functional gift that men cannot get enough of. For added glamor, you could get your father-in-law vintage styled wallets and other kinds of the gift that you think will appeal to him. But make sure you get something light, supple and durable so that he can use them for a long time.

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