5 Tips on How to Say No in a Relationship

5 Tips on How to Say No in a Relationship

Having to say “no” to something while they are in a relationship becomes a really big deal for most women. They are worried that they may hurt their partner’s feelings or it could start a fight and so on. What you need to realize is that just because you have entered into a relationship with someone, it does not mean that you have lost your individuality. You still have the right to stand for your own likes, dislikes and other wills of life. And if you have the right person with you, he must understand you without making an issue out of it. But obviously, there are ways to say “no”. You cannot be rude and expect your boyfriend to understand. So, here are 5 ways in which you can say “no” in a relationship.

1. Take time to think

Even if you have already decided on saying no, taking time to think is a good thing. It could either change your decision, or otherwise, at least your partner will know that you are considering his idea. Saying no immediately could seem rude but a well thought decision is mostly appreciated.

2. Refer to the past

Another nicer way to say no is by reminding your partner of a few past instances when you did what he wanted but this time you simply cannot because of your reasons. Also, an additional promise to adhere to his request the next time is a good idea.

3. Reason it out

If your answer is no because you think that his request simply does not make any sense, make him sit down and have a proper conversation. Explain to him the faults of his request with proper reasons and suggest an alternative idea. This way, you partner won’t be hurt and also know that he is dating a sensible girl.

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