5 Overlooked Tips for Life After 40

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A young body and mind is often healthy, fit and strong. In most cases, unless there is no clinical issue, women under 30 lead better quality of life and are strong enough to comfortably handle even the tougher activities. But as they grow older, they tend to observe some problems and physical pain. When the body is healthy and strong, there are certain things that we do unconsciously that end up abusing our health. Although these are tips that we have heard and read several times, we often take them for granted and eventually they backfire upon us after a specific period of time.

A woman’s body is subjected to numerous physical and hormonal changes beginning from puberty to pregnancy, breastfeeding and old age. Most of these are changes that a man does not undergo and therefore specific care is needed in each of the stages and the period in between for a healthy life after 40. So here are the tips that are often neglected but extremely important to adhere to. Most of these do not show up as problems when you are young but come back to you when you turn 40 or even much earlier.

1. Maintain the right posture

Maintain good and right posture every time you walk, sit or lie down. Keeping your shoulders straight and pushed back is important while you walk and sit. While sitting, never slouch but support your back properly. Women are subjected to osteoporosis or loss of bone density. The back is often the most problematic of areas that affect a large percentage of women. Bad posture compounds the problems and increases back and shoulder pain.

2. Eat healthy and on time

Time is never sufficient for a woman who juggles multiple tasks. Work, house chores, children, family and friends and several other tasks eat away your time. But breakfast and other meals are not the ones you can compensate for lost time. Remember, food is the fuel of life and every skipped meal is another damage done to your body. So come what may, allocate a few minutes every day for every meal you have and make sure they are as balanced as possible. You need not indulge in a lavish spread but make sure they are simple but wholesome every time you are hard pressed for time.

3. Sleep well

Chores can wait, but getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day is a must. Your body and mind must relax and this is possible without distractions only in the night. Not only does sleep redeem your body with energy, it also relaxes your tensed muscles, relieves stress and puts an end to many toxins that release from your body. Good amount of sleep is also essential to look beautiful, have healthy skin and feel relaxed, physically and psychologically. Sleep deprived women can probably wade through young age but its repercussions will show up as they begin to age.

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