20 Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Friendship Status For Whatsapp

If you live for your friends, then you must dedicate your status messages on Whatsapp to them. Make them feel good with your status and relive your friendship with them. Listed are some friendship statuses for Whatsapp. Read on to know more.

1. When you feel so low, you know your friend is there to pick you up and take you higher. Cheers to our friendship.

2. A friend will always stay with you in each road of life, whether the destination is far or near, she would be there to suffice.

3. A friend always see a smile behind that sad face, and always hear the silence when there are no words to say. Thanks for being there.

4. With a good friend in life, you feel so glad. There is joy in your heart and not a moment of feeling sad. Kudos to my besties.

5. With you I am so me, with you I have all the glee. Thanks for coming in my life and making me so wise. You are the best my bestie.

6. In the moment of sorrow, you come and make me smile, thanks my bestie for your support in life, all the way and all the while.

7. It is seldom difficult to find good friends in life, but I am so lucky that I have found mine. Thanks for everything my best friend forever.

8. A friend is there in every moment of life, a friend makes every moment pleasant with a smile. Glad to have you in my life.

9. The language of true friendship is pure, it does not need words, it just needs a meaning in life. You are my meaning. Thanks for being there.

10. A friend is there, whether you need her in life, a friend is there when you don’t call her up. She is a part of your life. Love you my bestie.

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