6 Skin Care Myths Debunked

6 Skin Care Myths Debunked

Many women have misconceptions about skin care, whether they are related to beauty treatments, cosmetics or skin care routines. Here are a few myths you should debunk about skincare.

Myth 1: Wash your face as often as you can

Many women think that washing their faces a few times in the day is good. While it is true that keeping skin clean is important, but cleansing it repetitively can actually wash away natural and essential oils. Women with acne or pimple prone skin also believe that breakouts are caused by dirty skin because of which they wash it excessively. Over exfoliation may be the very reason that their skin turns dry and flaky.

Myth 2: Sunscreen is to be used only in summer

One of the biggest myths related to sunscreen is that it should be used only during summer or when the sun is out. This is a serious skincare myth that must be debunked. Harmful UV rays can hit the skin with damage whether it is sunny or not. You should wear sunscreen throughout the year, whether you are going to step outdoor even for just a bit.

Myth 3: It is best to get rid of pimples by pinching them

Many women, especially teenage girls are seen staring into the mirror to pinch out their pimples. This can actually cause permanent scars on the skin and increase bacterial infestation. There are dermatologist certified creams and tools available at drugstores that can help in getting rid of zits. Pinching them out is definitely not a solution.

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