5 Ways to Cope With a Clingy Boyfriend

5 Ways to Cope With a Clingy Boyfriend

Some people just can’t let love be. They become possessive and clingy which starts to make their partners irritated and move away from them. When the thin line between attachment and being clingy is overstepped, the relation starts to go downhill because of lack of personal space. If you are having problems with your partner’s clingy nature, here are some measures you can resort to.

1. Communicate

The most important factor in a relationship is good communication. The communication bit is the backbone of a relationship and when it is amply done between couples, they understand each other. Before you express disdain or go around crying your heart out to others about his clinginess, you should directly approach him and have a heart to heart chat about this issue. Tell him in a polite but firm way which mannerisms of his need to be changed. Explain to him that while you love him, you also love your personal space, the invasion of which should be reduced by him.

2. Don’t respond to each and every thing he says or does

To curb his clingy behavior you could start ignoring most of his calls, texts and conversation starters, especially if you are busy. Clingy people wish to keep talking to the other person even when there is nothing to talk about. So if you feel that talking to him is just wasting your time and he isn’t getting the hint that you would like to be left alone for a bit, then ignore him for sometime.

3. Try to get to the bottom of his nature

The clingy nature of some people often stem from their past. Probably he felt neglected or unloved by his parents as a child, or his ex girlfriend dumped him, making him feel alone. Sit him down and discuss with him about his past and you may get hints about why he is so clingy. Assure him that you love him and are there to stay if the his clingy behavior reduces.

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