9 Tips to Identify if a Family Member is into Drugs

9 Tips to Identify If a Family Member is into Drugs

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If one of your family members is becoming a drug addict, then you can surely help him/her to get sober. Before you help this person to quit drugs, you have to find out if he/she is really on drugs. Here are 9 tips which will help you find out the truth.

1. A reason for drug addiction

You can use internet and counseling to gather facts about drug and alcohol addiction. A person goes toward drugs or alcohol due to loneliness or ignorance. A person living with extremely busy parents or divorced parents can easily get addicted to these things. This is one of the most important reasons why people take drugs and alcohol. There are several more characteristics and dynamics of addiction. Addiction is actually a progressive disease which makes people think that the drug abuser is a bad person. The family members of drug abusers or addicts must accept them as a sick person and not as a bad person.

2. Changes his lifestyle entirely

This person will come home late or leave home before anyone is awake. A drug addict faces drastic changes in sleep habits. Drugs make a person stay up unusually late or sleep more than usual. So, if someone in your family sleeps all day and is up all night then make sure you ask him/her the reason behind this.

3. Physically transformed

A drug addict will have bloodshot eyes. Along with that, this person will probably have either dilated or severely constricted pupils. This actually depends on the type of drug used. You can look for injection marks on this person’s body. He/she will probably have a runny nose, a puffy face and itching in the nose.

4. Appetite has reduced to a great extent

Drugs make a person to lose appetite to a great extent. They also cause rapid and remarkable weight loss. Also, check if the suspect’s skin has changed its color or tone. At early stages of drug usage, the drug user may try to hide all these important signs. At later stages, this person may not concentrate on hiding these signs or may not be able to hide them.

5. Emotional changes

A drug abuser takes less interest in all the activities going around. This person withdraws from his/her hobbies and even the people around. If one of your family members used to be very cheerful but is now behaving in this way then he/she might be on drugs.

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