6 Things You Should not Tell Your Husband

6 Things You Should not Tell Your Husband

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It is good to be very comfortable with your hubby. It is alright to tell him most of the things you feel and want to do. This really doesn’t mean that you can tell him anything and everything. The fact is, if a woman doesn’t watch her words, she can say some ugly truths in front of her life partner. This can make a husband mad and in extreme cases, this can devastate your life. Even if you want to tell him something negative, tell him in a very polite and kind way, but make sure that you don’t tell him the following things.

1. Don’t tell him that you had an orgasm if you didn’t have it

Faking an orgasm and then not telling him the truth can really hurt him. Lying is never a great idea for a woman especially when it comes to something that’s related to sexual intimacy. If you pretend to enjoy the intimacy and think that you are protecting him from the hurt, then you are not right. Your husband knows you well, and he will someday find out that you faked and lied to him. This will actually push him away from you because you were not honest with him.

2. Don’t tell him that you think he is like his father or some other family member who has a bad habit

Telling him this truth may make him feel that you are belittling him, and his family members along with the upbringing he got. Yes, this thing is very serious. Your father-in-law or mother-in-law may not be conscious about keeping the house clean. If your husband leaves dirty dishes around like his parent then you must skip the insulting part, and get right to the reasonable request. You can ask him politely to put his dish in the sink if he is done with his sandwich. Being rude can actually hurt his ego and even self-esteem.

3. Don’t tell him that you think he must find a new job in order to support your family well

Every woman wants to provide the best of everything to her kids and this is very normal. So, before you ask him to look for a better job, think and determine why you want him to do that. If you dislike his job because it makes him spend most of the time in office, then tell him that you miss him and you want to spend more time with him.

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