9 Reasons You are not Losing Weight

9 Reasons You are not Losing Weight

Sometimes you try painstakingly and spend a lot of money on diet plans and filling the gym account. Yet there are no results. Here are 9 reasons why you are not losing weight.

1. You indulge in over eating healthy food

When you’re given a diet plan with healthy foods like nuts, vegetables and protein, it does not mean that you need to over eat. Over eating will disable you from losing weight.

2. You are skipping your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets digested faster than other meals and gives your body the required energy. If you skip breakfast, you tend to over eat other meals when the metabolism is low.

3. You are not aware of the concept of portion sizes

You might be eating only three times a day and not snacking in between. But if each time you eat large portions without breaking your food, you will never know when to put your spoon and fork down.

4. You are sleep deprived

Skipping sleep on a regular basis will make you hungrier, increase coffee intake and will not give your body enough rest to workout. Less workout will affect your weight loss.

5. You are eating a lot of low calorie foods

Low fat yogurt, curds and milk are all over the market. However, they still have saturated fat. Having excess low-fat is as good as having food with high calories.

6. You don’t have a proper exercise routine

You think that if your work involves too much traveling and walking, your exercise is taken care of. Your body needs a proper workout routine if you’re serious about losing weight.

7. You don’t drink water

If you drink a lot of water, you will stay full and eat less, also control on your portion sizes. Lack of water in your body will make you eat more.

8. You’re on a pretentious diet

Every fitness regime needs dedication. If you are on a diet, be true to yourself. Don’t sneak up to the refrigerator at night for candy bars and show others that you’re having salad for lunch.

9. You eat out very often

You have so many friends and relatives who will not take a no for an answer. So you end up eating outside often affecting your weight loss plan.

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