6 Reasons Why Women are Affected by Postpartum Depression

Reasons Why Women are Affected by Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression affects a lot of women and is a serious illness that occurs in the first few months after giving birth to a child. With some women it can also happen after miscarriage and stillbirth. Women suffering from postpartum depression feel sad, hopeless ad worthless. They also have a lot of trouble bonding with their baby and mostly do not want to care for their newborn. Lot of people do not know much about this disease and blame the mothers for being careless about their kids, while the truth remains that the mother is actually suffering from a disease that cannot be easily explained. Postpartum Depression is different from baby blues as baby blues is more tiredness, while postpartum depression lasts for months and can make you really sick. The extreme form of postpartum depression is postpartum psychosis when the mother becomes delusional and begins to see and hear things that aren’t there. This can get really dangerous and the mother and child have to be kept away till the mother is treated. Here are some reasons why women are affected by postpartum depression.

1. Changes in hormone levels

Some women may get postpartum depression because of the hormonal changes that occurs in t hem after childbirth or during the pregnancy. When the hormonal levels get dangerously high or completely haywire, the woman suffers a lot. It may also happen after a miscarriage or childbirth.

2. Depression or postpartum depression before

If the woman had a history of depression or postpartum depression before, then the chances of her getting postpartum depression with the next birth is also likely. Since she already knows how she reacted and what kind of help she had got earlier, the second time could get a little easier.

3. The woman has a weak support system

If the woman has a weak support system and her husband or parents or friends are not around to support her after a difficult childbirth, she is likely to suffer from postpartum depression. A good support system is an absolute essential for a woman soon after she has given birth as it is a life altering experience.

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