7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Female Coworkers

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Female Coworkers

This Christmas, make a list of your female coworkers and give them a gift! It is not very difficult to know what she would like if you have been working together for long. If not, go through what is given below and see if it helps. But see that it fits into your budget and yet is creative and thoughtful. Women are moody but Christmas is the time when everyone feels spirited and so whatever you decide on, will surely be liked. Here are some gift ideas for your female coworkers.

1. Flowers

Most women would cherish flowers as a gift. They are a common gift for any occasion yet can be made special with a nice personalized message or a card. It could be a bunch which she can keep in a vase at the office or just take home. It is best to know her favorites before you go out to buy a lovely bouquet.

2. A spa voucher

Who wouldn’t like to be treated like a princess and pampered well? You can gift your female coworker a voucher of a nice spa or a spa she wants to visit. It would be a great gift just before Christmas. You could also give her a voucher of her favorite nail stylist or hair salon. Whatever you decode upon, she is sure to love it!

3. A make-up kit

Most women wear light make-up to their work place. They can also apply it when they are at a social event. You could gift her a small make-up kit of the brand she uses. If not the entire make-up kit, then just give her a set of lipsticks of different shades, and more. It could be nails paints too. This will surely be a great gift for your friend.

4. A desk organizer

If she has a lot of things to be kept on her desk, then you could gift her nice desk organizer which holds stationery, her glasses (if any), her hair clip, her mobile, or even her car keys. You could personalize it by putting a picture or a message along with it.

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