6 Signs Your Child is Gay

6 Signs Your Child is Gay

As a parent your first concern would be to find out if your child is healthy. Check constantly, when they are babies to see if they are breathing right, if they are eating right and if they cross all their milestones around the right time. No parent looks for signs to see if their child is gay. Also being gay is nothing abnormal that needs to be checked, nor is it an unhealthy trait that your child develops. But research over the years has showed that a child as early as three years old can show signs of his or her future sexual orientation. It is better for you to be aware and so we give you somes signs for you to know if your child is gay.

1. Your little boy likes Barbies

This does not necessarily mean that your kid would turn out to be gay when he grows up. Although it is not true of all kids, some kids playing with dolls show a proclivity towards homosexuality.

2. Your little girl is a tomboy

It is a phase most girls go through in their lives, especially if they grow up around brothers, but in some cases, they might turn out to be gay.

3. Cross dressing

Although this is not a sure indicator of what would come in the future, cross dressing or your boy dressing up in your clothes or his sister’s clothes and putting on makeup may be some early indicators.

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