6 Amazing Health Benefits of Kimchi

Amazing Health Benefits of Kimchi

Here is some good news for all the Kimchi lovers and also people who have not yet heard of Kimchi or tasted it. Kimchi is not only tasty and yummy but it also comes with some amazing health benefits. Kimchi is originally from Korea and can be found in all the Korean restaurants and even the Japanese and Chinese ones. It is made from a simple fermentation process involving putting cabbage, garlic and other vegetables in a closed jar. Since you do not need a specific material to make Kimchi in, you can ven store it and ferment it in a glass jar at home. It is also quite simple to make. The ingredients and the whole fermentation process give it enough power to take care of your weight, stomach and overall health. Here is a list of all that eating kimchi regularly can do for you.

1. It is a super food

It is a low calorie food, comes loaded with fiber that makes you digestion process faster and easier, it cures a lot of common ailments in your body and is generally good for your overall health. It also helps that it is extremely tasty.

2. It is a great source of probiotics

Because Kimchi is fermented food, it becomes an excellent source of probiotics. Probiotics keep your body healthy and helps it fight off all the infections. It also comes packed with Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, iron, calcium and Selenium. These vitamins and minerals help in blood flow, increase your immune system and also muscle growth.

3. If eaten on a daily basis it can even help lower your blood pressure

An ingredient other than cabbage in Kimchi is garlic and garlic has both Allicin and Selenium. Allicin and Selenium both keep the cholesterol levels in your body down and preventing building of fat in the artery walls. Since the blood flow is also improves, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are down. Chances of strokes and heart diseases are low when you are on a Kimchi diet.

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