9 Facts About Teeth Whitening You Didn’t Know

9 Facts About Teeth Whitening You Didn't Know

Wishing those pearly white teeth? Perfectly lined and white as pearls? This would be everyone’s wish when it comes to oral health. White teeth just make the smile a whole lot warm and appealing. The perfect smile is incomplete without white teeth. Stained teeth can make you feel uncomfortable in public when smiling or talking. White teeth make you more attractive and give you the confidence that has been kept away for a long time behind those stained teeth. There are a number of ways one can maintain white teeth. And with the option of teeth whitening, those pearly white teeth are no longer a dream. Tooth whitening is a popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry that can help you get those white teeth. Visit your dentist for tooth whitening procedures if you don’t mind spending for that perfect smile you have always desired. But with its promising wonderful smile, teeth whitening also has a few demerits. Here are some teeth whitening facts that might interest you.

1. The procedure only works on natural teeth. Artificial implants like crowns, veneers, etc are not supported by tooth whitening.

2. Teeth whitening is a strict no-no for pregnant and lactating women.

3. People suffering from gum diseases should stay away from teeth whitening or consult a dentist before getting it done.

4. Repeated and over use of the procedure can cause irreparable damage to your teeth. Make sure you maintain your oral health. This can help in avoiding repetitive teeth whitening.

5. Teeth whitening paste and your everyday toothpaste have the same effect in removing stains from your tooth.

6. Keep a check on the food you consume as newly whitened teeth absorb color from food very easily.

7. Teeth sensitivity is a common issue when whitening. But it fades away within a day or two.

8. Though home remedies like using lemons or baking soda works for teeth whitening, in the long run, it can damage your teeth.

9. Yellow and stained teeth come out with the best results with teeth whitening. This cosmetic procedure is not very effective on gray teeth.

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