10 Lies Women Tell

10 Lies Women Tell

Sometimes, lying doesn’t hurt. If a lie can keep someone happy, then we doubt you’ll hear anyone complaining. A few white lies are needed to keep a relationship going. Women lie because they aren’t ready to talk about something. So, if you look out for these few common ones, you’ll know for sure what’s bothering the lady.

1. I don’t mind watching sports with you

She wants to do something she isn’t very fond of just to see you smile. She’s willing to do it to build a sense of rapport with you and what you like. But after a certain limit, there will be a dip in her enthusiasm. So appreciate her and participate in what she likes to do as well.

2. I’m fine

This is a simple rephrasing of ‘Of course, I’m not fine’. If she says it in that super sharp tone, you can just confirm it. The problem here is that she thinks you know the issue when mostly you’re just clueless. Try to gently soothe her and solve the issue lightly.

3. I’m not mad

This is similar to the previous one. This one is after a fight or argument most of the time. She mostly lies because she expects you to apologize for what happened. Just wait for things to cool down and solve it.

4. I don’t mind paying tonight

Absolute crap! Women always expect men to make the first move which also includes paying the bills. It’s a very traditional thought but yet it is a part of their thought cycle. If the man has asked her out, there is no doubt that she will expect him to pay. Steering away from paying the bill will only make him look cheap.

5. I’m not ready for a boyfriend right now

If she wanted to be with you, she will make the time for it. So if she starts to avoid you or fill you with stories about needing her space, you know it’s a sign that she is no longer interested in you.

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