5 Signs it is too Soon to Move in Together

5 Signs  it is too Soon to Move in Together

Has your partner proposed the idea of moving in together, but you are unsure about it? Or have you been thinking a lot recently whether moving in with him is a good idea or not? Well, if you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now, then you obviously know each other very well, and are mentally comfortable with the idea of living in the same space. However, what most couples don’t realize is that while moving in together sure does give them a lot more time and opportunities to express their love to each other, cuddle and have sex, it also means that there is more time and opportunities for them to get frustrated with each other and argue over various things.

So to sort out your dilemma, here are a few signs to tell you that maybe it’s still too soon to move in together.

1. You are still not used to his ‘habits’

Since you are dating each other for a few months or years now, you sure must have spent some time in each other’s apartments. You must have had sleepovers and early mornings or late afternoons too. Being together makes you aware of each other’s habits, and chances are that you don’t like some of his. You may not like how he leaves his socks and shoes in the living room, or how he leaves the pizza boxes after dinner on the table till next morning. You may not speak about these issues during the dating phase, but this talk of ‘habits’ sure does come up when you start living together. If you’re already complaining about such issues, then better wait till the other person understands all of this and brings about some changes in his habits.

2. You still don’t know your real partner

It’s often said that you should know your partner for who he is, rather than what you want him to be. So during your initial dating phase, you need to constantly know him better, his ideologies, his way of thinking, etc. to judge whether both of you are compatible in the first place or not. If you have extremely different tastes, then for all you know the first issue that might come up between you two after moving in together, would be that of wanting to watch different TV programs! So get to know him first.

3. You haven’t talked about a future

This talk about the future (that usually scares people) is unfortunately very important. You may not want to discuss your wedding and kids as of now, but you at least need to discuss what both of you expect from each other in the next few years. If you haven’t had such a discussion yet, then you still haven’t reached any mutual understanding about your relationship. And unless that happens, it’s too soon to move in together.

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