8 Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Marry You

8 Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Marry You

Intense love relationships can give you hope for a bright future. Women may feel excited about commitment and marriage but men may not feel the same way. There are a lot of things that make men to feel a little scared of commitment. If you love a guy dearly and think that he loves you like no one else then check out the following tips. These ideas might help you to get your boyfriend to marry you.

1. Mention the recent marriages you had attended when he is in a good mood

Talk about the recent marriages that have taken place in your family or friend circle. Mention the names of your close friends and family members who got married recently after their brief courtship. Make sure that you talk generally about these marriages. Don’t give him expressions that could indicate your expectations. While talking about these marriages, notice the body language of your boyfriend. See if he gives you any positive sign that indicates his interest in getting married to you soon.

2. Stay mysterious and surprise him often

Don’t stop looking great just because you have been with this guy for several years now. Look your best especially when he is around. Don’t run your errands in your track suit. This is one of the worst mistakes women make. Your man may never ask you to look pretty all the time but actually, he wants the same. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear makeup everyday. Just wear nice and neat clothes every single day. Surprise him with a new haircut, by decorating your bedroom with dim lights and scented candles and by arranging a spa for him in the bathroom. Ask him to take a shower once he comes back from work and afterwards, give him a surprise body massage. All these things will help him understand that you can be a fun and great life partner.

3. Make a presentation of all your precious moments

You can use PowerPoint or MovieMaker to create an adorable presentation. Collect all your pictures and make a presentation using them. For instance you can pick the pictures from your first date with him.

4. Cook for him

This is one of the most important things a woman can do for her man. Good food will not just make a man happy but it can make him love you even more. Try and read some cookery books online. Cook different cuisines and be a good cook. Men like women who are good at cooking. Men think that such women can be good and caring mothers.

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