8 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving

8 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving

Any holiday or a tradition that we have been following for decades will always have some interesting facts that we haven’t heard of before. Sometimes it could be a trivial issue, but when we are faced with the facts, it astounds us. Thanksgiving is no exception. There have been so many changes to the way thanksgiving have been celebrated over the years, that the only constant about it has been the change. Here are some interesting facts about Thanksgiving Day that can actually change the way we think about the holiday.

1. 4,500 calories is the average of food consumed by an individual on Thanksgiving Day in America.

That is a pretty big number and it gives credence to the fact that Thanksgiving is all about the feasting and dining.

2. There are four places in the country that are named after turkey.

Turkey creek in Louisiana, Turkey in Texas, Turkey in North Carolina and Turkey Creek in Arizona are the four places that are named after the famous bird of Thanksgiving.

3. Around 242 million turkeys are grown annually in the US.

Since the demand for turkeys goes up during the holiday season, the country also imports turkey from outside, most notably from Canada.

4. Cranberries too have namesakes in the US.

Not to be outdone by the Turkey enthusiasts, people who love cranberry have also names two townships after the berry. These townships named Cranberry Township can be found in Pennsylvania.

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