5 Essential Supplements for Women

Essential Supplements for Women

Women compared to men are at a higher risk of several health related problems. The female anatomy undergoes menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and lactation. During all these different stages, the female body has to go through various kinds of biological and hormonal modifications. To help cope with them, as a woman, you need to be aware of what your body requires and how you can supplement your diet with essential vitamins and minerals. Here are 5 essential supplements that all women must take.

1. Calcium tablets

Adequate intake of calcium is required for a woman, especially when her menopause is approaching. The bones become weak and fragile, and there are positive chances of having osteoporosis. Although calcium is available in dairy products, women need a larger intake which can be fulfilled by calcium supplements.

2. Iron supplements

Menstruation and menopause result in a lot of blood loss due to which women suffer from anemia, low blood sugar levels, fatigue and weakness. In such cases, iron derived from green leafy vegetables and daily diet is not enough. It needs to be supplemented with iron tablets as prescribed by the doctor.

3. Folate

Folate supplements are generally prescribed to pregnant women. If you are conceiving, it is quite likely that folate will be on the list prescribed by the doctor. Your baby also tends to absorb a lot from your body, making it very important for you to source vitamins from dietary supplements. Most pregnant women do not get enough folate from their daily diet and hence it needs to be replenished. You could ask your doctor if your body requires folate supplements during pregnancy.

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