5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kate Middleton

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Kate Middleton

“The journey from a complete commoner to the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t a bad ride, is it?”, asked Mrs. Gossiper. Lauren and Mrs. Gossiper were kitty party mates and ended up at the local club for a game of bridge every weekend. “Sure Mrs. G, who wouldn’t want that? I don’t know too many interesting facts about Kate Middleton. She looks like a simpleton though”, said Lauren, gathering her cards. Mrs. Gossiper took this opportunity to tell Lauren about 5 interesting facts about Kate Middleton.

Fact 1: She loves sports

“She’s good looking but not a ravishing celestial beauty”, commented Mrs. Gossiper. “That’s right. Then what attracted the Prince to her?”, asked Lauren. “That’s an interesting fact about Ms. Middleton not many people know. Apparently she is as swift with a rifle as she would be with a ping pong racquet or a baseball bat. And she’s a tennis pro too!”, informed Mrs. Gossiper. “Oh this is quite an interesting fact about Kate Middleton. So this quality is what attracted the Prince to her!”, said Lauren.

Fact 2: She’s the oldest bride in the royal family

“Everyone in the British royal family has wed young”, said Mrs. Gossiper, ready to dole out another interesting fact about Kate Middleton. “What’s that got to do with interesting information about Kate Middleton, Mrs. G?”, asked Lauren, confused. “She’s 29 dear. That makes her the oldest bride in the British Royal family. Prince William found his girl a little late it seems”, said Mrs. Gossiper.

Fact 3: She’s allergic to horses

“Lauren, I’m sorry to mention this fact while you’re munching on your dim sum, but here’s a really funny and interesting fact about Kate Middleton that you’re going to laugh out at” , chuckled Mrs. Gossiper. Lauren looked up expectantly. “She’s allergic to horses, for Christ’s sake!”, Mrs. Gossiper laughed. “Oh poor dear. I wonder how is she going to put up with the royal family who jumps to a game of polo every other weekend?”, wondered Lauren.

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