5 Reasons to Believe There is Life After Death

5 Reasons to Believe There is Life After Death

Life after death is a much-debated topic. What happens after we die? Do we continue even though the physical body is no more? These are just some of the questions that have been in the minds of people since time immemorial. Though there are no clear answers to these questions, there definitely are some hints. Check out a few reasons to believe that we are eternal beings and there indeed is life after death.

1. There are have been near-death experiences

If you have read psychotherapist Brian Weiss’ ‘Many Lives Many Masters,’ you will not have reasons to disbelieve in life after death. He has proved it through real experiences of some of his patients who have had near-death experiences. There are several people in the world who have had this experience of having died for a few minutes and then returning to life again. Almost everyone who experienced it shared how they continued to exist even after death and how they were led to another far more beautiful world with fascinating sights and happenings.

2. There have been out-of-the-body experiences

You may believe it or not, but several people have had out-of-the-body experiences. Also known as astral projection, this happens when people leave their bodies intentionally or in meditation and can see and know about things happening in far off places, which were later reported to be correct. This emphasizes the belief that we are more than our physical body, and are definitely not limited by it and can exist without it.

3. There have been deathbed visions

You may trash it as hallucinations, but several people in their deathbeds have reportedly seen their loved ones (who have already passed away) appear before them to help them in the transition from this life to the next. This again is a proof that there is another world out there after death, which we know little about.

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