8 Signs You are Obsessed With Your Health

8 Signs You are Obsessed With Your Health

Staying healthy is good but being obsessed about your health is not. Health obsession is also known as Orthorexia. Many women go overboard to stay in shape or maintain weight. Listed below are some signs to know if you are obsessed with your health, read on.

1. Fear of eating food

Obsession with health can lead to constant fear. It is a fear of having unhealthy food. Many women feel that having certain foods would make them fat or unhealthy. Normally, with this kind of obsession, women avoid foods, which are rich in carbs and fats. But, this fear is not good for the body. Once in a while having fat diet is actually good.

2. Food quality matters

Being obsessed with health means you will not compromise on the quality. Here, taste does not matter, what matters is the quality and brand. Many women believe, if the quality is good, the food will be healthy. This may not be true every time because it all depends on the actual ingredients.

3. Giving up on food

Health obsession can also lead to sacrifice. Have you given up on foods which you used to enjoy? This obsession can lead to problems in future. It is important to include all kinds of foods in the diet plan. Instead of giving up on foods you like, opt for a balanced diet. Have those foods once in two months to maintain health in a proper way.

4. Planning menu in advance

Some women also have the habit of planning their menu. Do you plan your menu a day before having food, then this is a sign of health obsession. Having a balanced meal plan is a different thing, but planning the menu is a bit too much.

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