8 Tips to Deal With an Arrogant Boss

8 Tips to Deal With an Arrogant Boss

If your boss is conceit, egoistic and self loving then he can be called arrogant. Arrogance can come from being extra self-confident. A lot of employees can’t understand the difference between the supervision and controlling their boss does. The fact is that supervision is different from controlling. If your boss uses discipline to get the results out of you, then he can’t be called as an arrogant boss. On the other hand, if your boss does nothing to show appreciation for your hard work or if he insists you to come to work on a weekend despite having no work on his hands then he is an arrogant one. Arrogant bosses don’t care about gaining respect from their employees. Here are some tips that might help you to handle an arrogant boss.

1. Understand and accept that an arrogant boss will never be a team player

He might do nothing at all to keep your team together. So, just try and keep your team happy. Keep the conversations light and don’t let the stress take a toll because this will turn your colleagues against you. This will ultimately make things worse because in such a case, you will have to deal with more dark personalities.

2. Stay ready for the constant and drastic changes at work place

Arrogant bosses can go to any extent to shoe their importance. In order to be in light, he/she might make changes in the working style or teams. Such bosses don’t play by company’s rules. They can blow a minute problem into a colossal one. They can even put all the blame on you. So, make sure that you meet the deadlines. It is very important for you to be punctual and professional if you have an arrogant boss.

3. Don’t be afraid of job change or transfer

A transfer can only make things easier. On the other hand, a new job and make your life much easier. So, don’t be emotional about leaving your present company just because you have worked with it for 10 years. Instead, be open to new job opportunities. This will open a whole new world of possibilities for you. Ask some of your trustworthy colleagues and friends to refer you in good companies. Don’t let the cat come out of the bag in front of your boss until you get finalized in another company.

4. Play the game of flattering

If you really can try to flatter your boss to make your life easier then go for it. Learn the likes and dislikes of your arrogant boss. Try to impress him/her with your knowledge. Keep yourself updated on the latest market trends and share the same with your boss. Your boss will behave in a better way with you if you become an invaluable asset to the department or company.

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