What is Lomography?

What is Lomography?

The first time someone hears the term ‘lomography’, it possibly sounds like some medical procedure, or some kind of scientific technology that is developed by serious geniuses and is beyond the comprehension of average human minds. However, once people get to know the exact meaning of this term, they are so charmed by it that almost everyone wants to try it out. Puzzled? Well, read ahead and find your answer.

Lomography is basically a kind of artistic, experimental photography, which gives excellent pictures. Even in this era of digital cameras and digital editing or post production of images, the value of lomographs (pictures produced by lomography) stands high because of the wonderful stylistic element in the pictures. It is basically a method of clicking pictures in the analogous form with some special cameras.

Lomography basically began when two Austrian students came across the Lomo Kompakt Automat Camera somewhere in 1991. They started experimenting with the camera, and on getting the roll developed, they were enchanted with the wonderful pictures that were produced. The colors were beautifully saturated, and there was a strange kind of blurred and vignette effect that made the pictures look extremely appealing and beautiful. When they publicly displayed their pictures, almost everyone wanted the same camera, and this is where the whole craze for lomography began.

Soon after, Lomography became the commercial trademark of Lomographische AG in Austria, and they gained rights to distribute the Lomo cameras across the world, except the Soviet Union.

At present, there is a lomography global community for people all over the world to share their experiences of this kind of experimental photography, and also learn new things. Lomography now has a huge range of cameras, consisting of instant cameras, 35 mm cameras, pinhole cameras, Diana cameras, etc. What’s more, one can also find the related lomography films and camera accessories at the lomography online store, along with interesting lomography fashion accessories and apparel too. In a nutshell, lomography is a creatively contagious craze among serious photographers and amateurs both.

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