15 Reasons Why Having a Boyfriend is Fun

15 Reasons Why Having a Boyfriend is Fun

Are you the anti-boyfriend kind of girl, who fails to understand why her female friends are always keen on dating a guy? Are you always seeking answers to why exactly having a boyfriend is a good thing? Well, whether you understand or not, you must know that your friends are not lying when they say that a dating is a good thing. Having a boyfriend can indeed be a lot of fun. It adds a new dimension to your life, and gradually, you start to discover a new you! If you are still looking for substantial reasons, here are some of them.

1. He’s your most stable friend

Whether you feel like watching a movie, or want to go shopping, or want to go try out a new restaurant, your friends might not be willing to support your idea. However, with a boyfriend, your individual demands will be taken care of. Irrespective of whether he likes it or not, he’ll go out of the way to please you and keep you happy. More importantly, he’s available at times when no other friend is!

2. He’s your helper

You can easily ask him to carry your shopping bags without any guilt! You can also ask for his help when you are moving in or out of your house. He’ll help you from fixing your deflated car tires to making lemonade at home. And this helping hand will always be around, exclusively for you!

3. He’s there on all occasions!

So earlier, if you used to feel bad when your friends kissed their lovers on New Year’s Eve, you don’t need to have that lump-in-the-throat kind of feeling now. Once you have a boyfriend, you too will have someone to kiss! You also have someone to celebrate Valentines Day with. Moreover, birthdays become more special, because he’ll surprise you and pamper you. Plus, if you live in a new city and can’t make it home for occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, then he’s also there to celebrate festivals with you.

4. You enjoy couple benefits

Going to clubs or events or even for games in theme parks becomes easier when you’re a couple. It helps you save money, and you’ll also never have to miss out any fun just because of not having another person with you.

5. You start becoming more stylish

Since you know that someone is always watching you, there is certain level of consciousness that develops in you to look nice all the time. You dress to kill, and take your beauty salon visits a little more seriously. In other words, you start to groom yourself really well.

6. You start taking care of your body

Just like your looks, you start to become a little more conscious of your body and weight as well. You start taking fitness a little more seriously. Being in good health is nothing you can complain about!

7. Sleepovers become fun

When you have a boyfriend, you have reasons to enjoy sleepovers regularly at his house. These sleepovers are a lot of fun, because you get to do a lot of things together. Moreover, they offer a break to you from your hectic work life, and help you relax and rejuvenate every once in a while.

8. He’s your venting outlet

From work stories to problems with your parents or siblings, to throwing a random fit, you can do it all with him. He will remain your confidant, your listening ear, and your most loyal friend, irrespective of whatever happens in your life. Plus, he’ll cheer you up when you’re sad or angry!

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