15 Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Boyfriend

15 Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Boyfriend

Are you ready to get married to your boyfriend? If you both think that you are made for each other, then your next step should be proposing him for marriage. A romantic marriage proposal can help you create some unforgettable memories. Such a proposal will be a great story for your kids and grand kids. Here are some ideas that can help you propose to your partner in an unforgettable and romantic way.

1. Propose to him in an international sports match

You can propose to him in an international sports match by contacting the main office of a specific sports event. Ask the event’s representatives if they can help you to make some arrangements for the marriage proposal you are planning. Most of the professional baseball, hockey or basketball event planners will bring the screen towards you while you propose. The best thing is that they will do this free of cost. This is a very Hollywood style way of proposing. You can go with the second proposal idea if you don’t want to go for this one. This idea is usually used by men, but if a girl uses the same idea, it will surely be a bigger hit!

2. Prepare his favorite meal and set up a romantic dinner table on the patio

A home cooked meal and a decorated dining table can help you propose to your boyfriend in a romantic and private way. Some men like public displays of affection while some don’t. If your boyfriend is an introvert or if he dislikes the grand gestures done in public then go for this idea. Use your patio or any open space for this one. Decorate the area with string lights and flowers. Serve him his favorite appetizer, his favorite main course, and his favorite dessert. Don’t forget to keep a great bottle of wine on the table.

3. Propose to him with the help of a bottle and a chit

Write down your proposal on a pretty piece of paper and out it in a beautiful antique bottle. Don’t forget to roll the paper and tie it with a red ribbon. Leave the bottle on his car’s dashboard or in his car’s glove-compartment. This proposal idea is ideal for women who don’t feel courageous enough to propose face-to-face.

4. Use Karaoke to propose to him

Some women would not go with this idea because they don’t sing well enough. The fact is that it is great to be daring enough to learn a song and to sing it for him despite of not being a good singer. This will make him feel even more special! Take him to a karaoke night, learn a special song for him and sing it to him at the end of the Karaoke.

5. Use subtle hints to let him know that you are going to propose

Some men are afraid of marriage commitment. If you think that your boyfriend is not sure about marriage, yet get to know what exactly he wants. Find out if he wants more time. Leave hints in the house and in his car. Be romantic and leave flowers in his closet. Also, buy a good magazine on how to plan for a marriage and leave it on the bed. If you get positive or normal reaction from after all this then propose to him in the house. Buy a photo frame and get your names written on it. Gift it to him and propose when he opens the present.

6. Propose to him in Paris

Go to Paris and enjoy its beauty together. Take him to a Seine river cruise and propose in the middle of the waters. You can simply pop the question with a ring or you can order a Truffle cake, place the ring on its top and then propose.

7. Propose in a movie theater

It is a great idea to put an engagement advertisement on the big screen in a movie theater. Request the representatives of the theater to show your proposal on the screen when the movie ends. You can also ask them to display the proposal in the beginning or during the break.

8. Use rose petals and candles to propose to him

You can write “Marry Me” on the bed with rose petals. Also, decorate the room with lit candles. Let the light be dim and romantic. Put on his favorite music or the “Our Song” before proposing. Once he comes back from work and enters the bedroom, let him feel surprised, give him a smile, take out the ring and propose.

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