8 Signs You are Not Ready for Marriage

8 Signs You are Not Ready for Marriage

Times are changing, and how! These days we find more divorce stories than stories about love and marriage. One of the most common reasons why marriages break or why couples feel suffocated in their wedlock is because they were never ready for it. There is nothing scarier than tying the knot with someone when you are not ready. So how do you figure out when it is the right time for you to say “I do”? Let’s work backwards. Let us go through signs that you are not ready for marriage. We hope this is able to help you out to take the right decision. The following are 15 signs that you are not ready for marriage. Read and share.

1. You are not over your ex

This is a clear indication that you must not get married. In fact, this is not the right time for you to even date someone, let alone get married. Give yourself sometime to get over your past. Once you are, you will become stronger and wiser to get into another relationship.

2. You two are not sexually compatible

Sex is important in a relationship, especially marriage. If you think that it is no big deal and that you can easily compromise on that, big mistake! At some point in life, absence of sexual compatibility can create serious issues in your relationship. It can also lead to the urge to go outside your marriage to find what you are looking for. It does not matter if he is the best guy in this world, and possesses the potential to be the best husband and best father, if he sucks in bed, you are going to regret marrying him.

3. You are not ready to become a parent

Parenthood follows marriage, sooner or later. A married person should be both physically as well as mentally prepared to have a child and be in the position to look after it. Or else if you have a child later and are not ready for it, it can spoil your relationship with your partner. Hence, think and think again if you really will be able to raise your children with love and care when you have them. Be prepared with this answer clear in your head way before you plan to say “I do”.

4. You can’t stay faithful

Trust is a very important part of marriage. Anything can be forgiven, but not infidelity. Breaking someone’s trust is the worst thing you could do to them, especially after you are married to them. If you feel the constant urge to cheat on your partner, then obviously you are either not ready for marriage or you are not with the right person. Whatever the reason is, get it sorted out first, before you think about entering into something more serious like marriage.

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