8 Effects of Stress on the Body

8 Effects of Stress on the Body

Stress has a major role to play in our lives today. People face stress in relationships and at the workplace. As a result, it starts showing on the face. Stress affects our emotional and physical well-being. That in turn causes many problems in the body. Do you know how stress affects you? If not, then continue reading.

1. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is not a normal sign. It is related to the stress you face on a daily basis. A person who faces stress may sweat more. It also affects the heart rate of a person. When stressed, heartbeat would get faster and a person would feel numbness in hands and feet.

2. Problem in making decisions

Stress affects the mental well-being of a person. If there is a difficulty in making decisions, then the reason is stress. This also leads to difficulty in concentrating. Getting frustrated without reason is due to stress. It is important to keep a tab on all these signs.

3. Mood swings and panic attacks

A person suffering from stress faces mood swings. This affects other people around him/her. Excessive stress also leads to panic attacks. There is an irrational fear of losing something. The best way to overcome this problem is to practice meditation.

4. Muscle pain

Did you know stress causes muscle pain and spasms? When stressed, the muscles of the body tend to become stiff. Excessive stress also leads to problems like musculoskeletal disorder and fibromyalgia. Regular exercise might help to prevent stress.

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