6 Great Tips for Full Body Skin Care

6 Great Tips for Full Body Skin Care

If you want beautiful and glowing skin, you must opt for a bull body skin care regimen, and not just take care of your face. It makes no sense if you have beautiful skin on the face but rough patches on your neck or arms. Here are a few tips on full body skin care that you should follow.

1. Exfoliate your body

Exfoliating skin on your whole body will prevent acne breakouts and keep it youthful by removing dead skin cells. Many women put lots of time and effort in exfoliating their faces with walnut scrubs and other natural remedies. But they forget that exfoliation of arms, legs, chest, scalp and back is equally important. Since the sensitivity level of your skin varies in different parts of your body, the technique and tools to be used for exfoliation should also be different. Use Epsom salts to exfoliate your scalp, a light toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, a loofah for your arms and legs, a dry brush for your back, and foot-stone for your feet.

2. Moisturize your whole body regularly

Irrespective of the season or the type of skin you have, moisturizing is important to keep your skin beautiful. As soon as you step out of your shower, dab some lotion on your body to keep the moisture from your bath intact. This will protect your skin form losing its essential natural oils. Use moisturizers that contain aloe vera, avocado, shea butter or papaya extracts to have smooth and supple skin.

3. Avoid changing your cosmetics too often

You might love trying out different brands of shampoos, soaps, lotions, bath salts, creams and body washes every other week, but that won’t do your skin any good. Pick a line or brand of cosmetics that suits you best and stick to it. When you keep changing cosmetics, you expose your skin to different chemicals and compounds because of which it may become more vulnerable to breakouts or to other allergies.

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