10 Most Common Relationship Problems

Most Common Relationship Problems

Relationships are a part and parcel of our lives and their outcome is highly dependent on the two people involved in it. If the two people are not on the same page, if one pushes a little more than the other, things tend to go wrong. Here are 10 most common problems 2 people in a relationship face:

1. Lack of Trust

Two people who get together just as a rebound for physical pleasure to get over the pain and do not communicate much cannot develop trust and thus the relation becomes weak.

2. Not on the same Page

When two people in a relation expect different things out of each other it causes complications. A lot of disagreements and arguments take place and the relationship does not last for a long time.

3. Complex Issues

If one of the members especially the female member is at a higher position than the male counterpart, this might create problems. Also both partners should consider each other equally lucky to have one another and should not take them for granted.

4. The No Time Excuse

Both the guy and the gal should make an effort to remove time for the partner. A few weekends busy is ok but if that becomes a habit and the partners cannot make time for each other, the relationship is bound to end sooner or later.

5. Less than required Honesty

If the partners cannot be truthful to each other about their family, work, friends, past relations etc. then the relationship is doomed. Honesty is the most important ingredient of any relation and if its not a 100 %, it’s not worth it.

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