8 Reasons Why Google Glass will Rock Your World

8 Reasons Why Google Glass will Rock Your World

Google Glass is supposed to be the next big thing in the world of technology. But how will it help users in their daily lives? Here are some of the ways in which Google Glass will make life awesome and more convenient.

1. Taking pictures from your glasses

How cool will it be if you can just look at someone and then take a picture with your glasses? That is exactly what users will be able to do with Google Glass. The device is known to have the ability to take photos and also record videos. So a wearer will be able to take pictures of what he or she is looking at.

2. Get directions

Google Glass users will be able to access GPS via apps and connectivity which will help them get directions right in front of their eyes. No longer will users need to depend on dedicated GPS devices to find directions because they will have a map along with GPS right in front of their eyes.

3. Translation abilities

Google Glass will support apps which help users translate things in other languages. For example, a tourist in Vietnam will be able to bargain with a shopkeeper by asking Google Glass to translate various currency denominations in Vietnamese. This feature will make life awesome for tourists and all people living in foreign countries.

4. Voice activation and voice recognition

Google Glass promotions and videos have shown that the device supports voice recognition. This awesome feature will allow users to access many of its functions by giving voice commands. This will give hands-free usability, a convenient option when you are traveling, driving or busy doing other tasks.

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