7 Little Things Every Child Expects from a Mother

7 Little Things Every Child Expects from a Mother

As a mother you might have endless expectations from your child. But it is also important to know what kind of expectations a child might have from you and also that they all may not be very rational. Here’s a list.

1. You will have all the answers

Once you become a mother, your kid will look up to you for all kinds of advice. Your child will know that regardless of what kind of problem he or she is facing, you will always be there with the right answers.

2. You will always stand by him/her

Even if the child knows he or she is wrong, you would be expected to take his/her side. This may not be a very comfortable situation for you but your kid will always want to have your support.

3. You are supposed to be supermom!

“There is nothing that my mom cannot do.” That is how your child may see you most of the times. You will be expected to help with the school work, be the playtime partner, host the birthdays, make the yummiest food, and more.

4. You will never fall ill

Kids cannot imagine their mom having an “off” day. Even if you are plain tired, you cannot just put your feet up and not help your child with his work. As far as your kid is concerned, you are ever capable!

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