5 Fun Reading Activities to Do With Your Kids

5 Fun Reading Activities to Do With Your Kids

Reading is an important activity in the development of a child. Parents play a key role in encouraging their children to read. Fun reading activities can be planned by parents to get their children to enjoy reading books. If you are wondering how to plan out fun reading activities with your children, then here are some ideas.

1. Practice begins at home

Children learn activities and habits by imitating their parents. So get into the habit of reading if you want your children to read. Let every room of your house have some interesting collection of books. Fun reading activities can include asking your children to pick out the most colorful or attractive book and read it aloud. A better idea would be to read along with them.

2. Enact stories

Once you have read the book along with your children, you can enact the story along with them using your own dialogs. This will let you know if your children understood the story. Ask them to explain which part of the story they liked and why.

3. Read scary stories

Before you plan to read a scary ghost story along with your children, you can create a spooky surrounding to add the thrill to your reading activity. Switch off all the lights in your bedroom, sit on the bed and cover yourselves with a blanket. Now read the book with the help of a flashlight to give the spooky feel.

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