8 Valentine’s Day Party Games

8 Valentines Day Party Games

What are Valentine’s day parties without games? Couple games add to the fun of Valentines day parties. They also give a reason for couples to team up and bring them closer to each other. They are instant ice-breakers at even the most boring party. Below are a list of Valentines day party games to choose from:

1. Paper Dance Game

In this game, each couple is given a piece of paper for them to dance on. The pieces of paper given to each couple must be of the same size. When the music starts, each couple has to stand on the piece of paper and dance together. The trick is, not to step out. They have to be on the paper at all times. Each time the music stops the couples have to fold the paper into half. The paper thus folded, has to be then placed on the ground and the game will continue. The game keeps getting tougher and interesting as the couples get out one by one. But, the best part of the game is that, it gives them a chance to be really close to each other.

2. Know Thy Partner

Send all the females to another room. Now, with the help of all the males prepare a set of questions about them to ask their individual partners. Questions like, what is your partners favorite dish, where was your partner born etc can be asked. Make a note of the right answers as well. The same thing is then repeated to the females. Finally everyone is called in and asked to solve the questions. The couple who comes up with the maximum number of right answers wins.

3. The Guessing Game

Here, arrange for a jar of lots of Valentines day candies. Then pass this jar around, with the lid on. Tell your guests, to guess the correct number of candies in the jar. The person who comes up with the correct answer or closest to the correct answer is declared the winner.

4. The Handkerchief Game

Each couple is given a handkerchief. Now as soon as the timer starts, the guy has to tie the girls both hands with the handkerchief. However, it is not this easy. The trick is that he has to use just one hand while doing so. The couple that manages to complete the task first wins the game.

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