8 Most Empowering Songs for Women

8 Most Empowering Songs for Women

Women empowerment is a hot issue in today’s times when gender equality is supposedly there on the surface but women are still being oppressed in many parts of the world. Every woman has faced some or the other sort of discrimination on the basis of her gender or is made to feel inadequate as a result of being female. If you have no shoulder to cry on, fret not, you can find the power within you by simply plugging in your earphones and listening to these feel good, motivating songs.

1. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

This song has been adapted in a modern way by Pussycat Dolls but it is the original version which truly stirs up the emotions of strength. This one is for the countless women around the world dependent on men who don’t have courage enough to stand up for themselves and become independent.

2. Jar of hearts by Christina Perri

This song subtly shows how dependent women get on men in relationships and how empty they feel without them. Perri stirs strong emotions in any woman who has ever depended on a man who mistreated her with this song which goes like, “I hear you’re asking all around, If I am anywhere to be found, But I have grown too strong, To ever fall back in your arms.”

3. Beautiful liar by Shakira and Beyonce

This one is for all those women who have been left heartbroken by philandering partners. The society always blames the ‘other woman’ while not placing the same blame on the man. The video of this song is equally enticing to watch as Beyonce and Shakira sing about how they were ditched by the same man and how he is totally not worth crying over.

4. Bitch by Meredith Brooks

Men have cleverly placed the onus of sacrifice and loyalty on women whilst they have all the fun just by giving a lame excuse like, ‘Boys will be boys.’ This song depicts how a woman need not only be a soft home maker tending to the children; she can be nasty, she is no saint and society had better come to terms with a woman’s power.

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