7 Tips to Give Your Boyfriend a Makeover

7 Tips to Give Your Boyfriend a Makeover

You have a great boyfriend and you are head over heels in love with him, but the only thing which troubles you is the way he dresses. How could you possibly tell him this and not hurt his feelings? It’s a difficult task indeed and a makeover is the need of the day. Here are some great tips on how to give your boyfriend a makeover.

1. Be wise in your approach when suggesting a makeover

Don’t make your boyfriend feel insecure or unwanted when you suggest a makeover. Let him know that you think he is amazing and that it would be even more befitting if his wardrobe echoed his personality. Relay to him that what he wears can speak volumes about his confidence. Make sure to flash that sweet smile. You can even suggest buying new clothes for yourself to show him that you mean well. Most importantly, curtail that eagerness for a makeover!

2. Help your boyfriend be open about change

Your boyfriend needs to be open to change. If he is a person who only likes to wear skinny jeans and shirts which are two sizes too small, you cannot expect the world from him. Let him welcome changes slowly. It is important he accepts suggestions from you, but make sure you do not cross the line and change his entire personality.

3. Identify the clothes that add nothing to his wardrobe

An old tattered football jersey and baggy jeans are a complete no-no for any guy. Let him pick garments that fit properly. They should not be tight or loose, but rather should compliment his body type. Ragged clothes are something he should be wearing only when he’s working in the garage!

4. Determine the must-haves

A well fitted pair of blue jeans, a few smart t-shirts for casual outings plus a well tailored pair of trousers are a must. Make sure that he has some formal shirts too. A black or grey blazer can be used on jeans or trousers to give him either a semi-formal or formal look. If he is ready for it, he can even buy a specially tailored suit. Keep seasons and colors in mind when shopping for your boyfriend.

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