5 Awesome Facts You must Know About Surrogate Pregnancy

Awesome Facts You must Know About Surrogate Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most divine and special gift for women. But unfortunately, many women are unable to give birth due to various complex reasons. However, technological advancement in the field of medicine has helped to solve this problem to a great extent. Surrogacy is one among them. A surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy for another individual or couple with the aid of assisted reproductive technology. Again, if you have healthy eggs but are unable to carry the pregnancy to term, surrogacy can offer you a chance to become a biological mother. This is a fast catching up trend now as the rate of infertility and related issues are increasing. Here are 5 awesome facts you must know about surrogate pregnancy.

1. If you have tried for a baby for many years and all your attempts turned unsuccessful, opt for surrogacy as you have a great chance of success with a surrogate or carrier. If things go well, you will be proud parents of a baby within 14 to 18 months.

2. It is proved that over half of all gestational carriers become pregnant after the first IVF attempt. Even if they need a second or third attempt, it generally turns out to be successful.

3. If you choose a gestational carrier, the chances of twins multiply. Almost half of all gestational carriers give birth to multiples.

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