4 Cool New Low Budget Dating Ideas

4 Cool New Low Budget Dating Ideas

Dating costs money. It doesn’t matter if you are the girl or the guy. You are going to want the perfect ambiance to get your evening right. And more often than not, the perfect ambiance costs a bomb. How about we let you on some budget dating ideas, which while not taking the sheen off your special moments, will go a little easy on your wallets?

1. Walks

Walks are good. Long walks are even better. Believe it or not, long walks offer way more intimate and satisfying experiences than dinner at the latest theme restaurant in your city. While you may remember the food, the music and the wine of a fancy restaurant, what you will remember from your walk date is the quality of long discussions that you had from your childhood memories to college crushes and where you discovered all the things you have in common. Walking with someone accords you complete privacy and makes for a good time. The walks aren’t just pocket friendly, they are just better. Period.

2. Evening dates versus dinner dates

Dinner dates are bound to be more expensive. You not only have to pick out the perfect restaurant, you also have to pick out the perfect clothes for the evening out. The tendency to have alcohol along with dinner makes it no easier on your financial situation. If you are short on funds but would like to meet your guy, it is much better to go in for an early evening date as opposed to a romantic dinner out. True, it might take away the charm of a moonlight walk post dinner, but it is still quality time spent with someone you like. Evening dates would definitely take the pressure off and there is no need for it to be top notch classy when all you are going out for is a snack. An ice cream parlor or a decent pizza/burger place should do it!

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