5 Things You should Worry About During Pregnancy

Things You should Worry About During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time where you are nurturing another life within you. However magical it sounds, it isn’t all that great for everyone. It is very hard to find anyone who’s had a text book pregnancy. A lot of women suffer from morning sickness, pain in the back, abdomen and other serious illnesses during pregnancy. Sometimes the symptoms and problems may get to a point where the woman would be seriously considering never having a baby again. One thing to remember when you are pregnant is that you will have to constantly monitor your progress and go consult your physician in case you see anything different. You will need to see a gynecologist regularly even if you aren’t noticing any differences as it is important to monitor the growth and development of the baby as well. Although some symptoms like morning sickness and tiredness are common, there are a few things you have to look out for during your pregnancy. Here are a few things you should worry about during pregnancy.

1. Dehydration

Some women suffer a lot from morning sickness and sometimes are unable to hold anything down. It gets to a point where they get severely dehydrated. The fetus is completely dependent on the nourishment from the mother and hence it is important that you never get dehydrated. Consult a physician when the morning sickness does not stop. Dehydration is something you need to worry about when you are pregnant.

2. Gestational diabetes

Although the number of women who get gestational diabetes is not very high, it is also something you need to worry about. Gestational diabetes is diabetes a woman gets when she is pregnant. While it goes away after the birth for some women, some aren’t so lucky and have to deal with being a diabetic for life. Give in to your cravings when pregnant, but also make sure you keep your weight under control.

3. Extreme stress

You cannot prevent certain things from happening, but you can always work on how to deal with them. When something happens that causes you a lot of stress, find out ways to deal with them and do not succumb to the pressure. You may risk the chance of a premature birth when you are under duress. For both your sake and your baby’s sake try and stay away from stressful situations.

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