8 Interesting Facts about Rum

Interesting Facts about Rum

If you have a weakness for rum, here are some fun facts about the drink which will help you delve deep into its rich history, and know some surprising tidbits.

1. The origin

Though some of the earliest versions of rum are said to have been there in ancient India and China, rum in its present form as we know originated in the Caribbean islands, thanks to the innovativeness of the sugar plantation slaves there. Even the oldest brand of rum “Mount Gay Rum” is based in Barbados.

2. Etymology

Opinion is divided as to the exact origin of the word “rum”. A few experts consider the phrase “having a rum time” to be the source of the word rum, whereas, some others are of the opinion that the word has its root in the Romani language where rum means “strong”.

3. Preferred by soldiers

While quite a few medicinal properties have been associated with the drink, it is most famous for its use for fighting scurvy by the British Navy in the 17th century by mixing it with wine and lime, though it was actually the last ingredient that kept the disease at bay.

4. Even the Presidents love it

Rum may not sound to be the perfect campaign booster but George Washington used rum for just that, and was successful in winning a seat in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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