7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Things You Didn't Know About Cats

As owners of pet cats or kittens, or even as laymen, below are certain facts which you may have not known about cats.

1. The Extra finger

Cats have a sixth finger called the carpal pad on the inside of their wrists of the front paws. It does not aid them while walking but is used while jumping about here and there. A fit and healthy cat can jump up to 5 times its own height. Some cats tend to jump up just before an earthquake as they feel the vibration through their sensitive pads.

2. Body Temperatures

In spite of the fury coats on their body, cats can tolerate high temperatures pretty well. They show no sign of discomfort until the body temperature crosses 126 degrees farhenite as compared to 112 for humans.

3. Nose Communication & Eye contact

Two cats do not use nose to nose method to communicate quiet often. But cats who know each other well and have been apart for a while use the nose to nose communication to acknowledge the presence of each other and find out about each other’s well-being. Also, cats are not very comfortable with making direct eye contact. They rarely do so. To make friends with a new cat, look once and then blink and look away.

4. Happy and bright Surroundings

Firstly, cats prefer bright sunshine. Give them open spaces to move around in the house. Secondly, cats like humans who do not comprehend the concept of punishment. They have to be rewarded and pushed for a good demeanor and actions.

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