6 Weird Sports You didn’t Know About


We have all played some kind of sports at one point of time in life; some that we really enjoyed and some that we played only out of compulsion. But what did we know then, that apart from those long jumps, footballs, basketballs, swimming, there existed an all together different genre of games – games that sound weird and look funny but are real hard to play. Here is a sneak peek into some of these games.

1. Wife carrying

As the name suggests, in this game the husband has to carry his wife on his back and be the first to reach the finish point by crossing the obstacles laid on his way. The winner is awarded the title of the best wife carrier and wins tons of beer amounting to the weight of his wife. This game first originated in Finland.

2. Chess boxing

This game again from Finland is a combination of brain and physical strength. One who participates in this game needs to be good at both chess and boxing. There is a series of alternate rounds of both the games. One blow on the head and there are chances that your ability to strategize for the game of chess is disoriented. The game can end either by a knockout or a checkmate. Matches are regularly held in London and Berlin.

3. Shin kicking

Men will hate to know this. This is a simple game of kicking each other on the shin with your knee as hard as possible. The opponent should fall down on his knees. The one who wins two rounds out of three is declared the winner. This game is a part of the annual event Cotswold Olimpicks that started in 1613 in Gloucestershire, England.

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