How to Deal With Eve Teasing?

How to Deal With Eve Teasing?

Eve teasing assumes different forms and most women may have been subjected to some form or the other. It is a very commonly practiced social evil that some seek to ignore and few others vehemently oppose. However, when you feel that some eve teasing technique is creating trouble for you, it is better to engage in self defense techniques. These techniques are better than seeking help from strangers that may not prove beneficial at all times.

Easy to Follow Defense Techniques

Following certain tactical and staying alert techniques is more a need rather than a method to protect yourself. Always travel by public transport and stay wary when you are in a crowd or when you are in unfamiliar surroundings. Victimization usually happens when you are alone and it is always recommended to have a male friend or acquaintance accompanying you. The chances of eve teasing are minimal when you have company. Similarly, it is important to stay alert and be aware of what is happening around you to steer clear from miscreants.

Do not hesitate to raise the alarm if there is a need to. Raising a hue and cry does not just attract passersby but also diverts attention of the eve teaser. He will take to his heels or become threatened when public attention turns to him. Your body language speaks volumes of your vulnerability. Be bold and confident and ensure your body language is as daring as you are so people think twice before approaching you.

Hit when you need to. But hit hard and smart. A light stroke in the name of a punch will invigorate the miscreant further. All forms of martial arts and self defense techniques will educate you on the areas of the body to target. These areas are most likely to succumb to the hit and pressure and will render the doer immobile for a few minutes. This way you can gather your wits and rush out of the situation before he realizes the first thing. When you think you are being followed, punch emergency numbers. These could pertain to the nearest help and exhibit obvious signs that you are doing so since these will make the miscreant retrace his steps.

If your hands cannot hit hard, use your handbag and slam fast and hard against his head or face. Carry a can of pepper spray handy in case of an emergency. Spray directly on his eyes before he can dodge. Always speak up and be vociferous. Fighting back helps to abate the acts not only on you but also on the women community at large. Learning martial arts is probably the best form of self defense against any kind of miscreants. If there is an opportunity to learn one, do not hesitate to do so. It is also a form of maintaining fitness.

Learn to deal with eve teasers in a way that you ought to. Being timid in this area is not going to yield you results.

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