3 Signs that You Are a Lazy Person

3 Signs that You Are a Lazy Person

You may be surprised to know that you are a lazy person, after reading these signs. Yet, when you do realize this, the fact should be taken seriously as laziness leads to many distractions. Laziness is a part of human nature. Some people might be lazy in certain situations, but that doesn’t mean he/she is generally a lazy person throughout his/her life. Laziness depends on many conditions and situations. There also exist different kinds of laziness in an individual such as lazy in getting up in the morning or while getting ready for office. Following are the signs which say you are a lazy person. If you are one of them, then get up and work on it.

1. Lateness

A lazy person loves comfort. He/she is late at getting up in the morning, late at getting ready for office and finally late for office. He/she is late everyday with thousands of reasons ready to be flow out of his/her mouth. There is no sense of time for a lazy person; he/she is never prepared of the deadline. He/she follows the policy of ‘going with the wind’. This type of person is often confused and mostly ends up in a mess. Since he/she did not have a good start, he/she turns out to be a loser at the end of the day. For a lazy person, corrections and updating himself hardly matters, he is always many steps behind the world.

2. Excuses

This is a lazy person’s favorite pass time. He/she loves to make excuses and his/her energy is exhausted in preparing for new excuses or giving explanations for the existing ones. He/she is always in an excuse mode. Thus, he/she is left alone, without any support. He/she comes up with various excuses regularly. Making regular excuses not only degrades his/her relationship with other relatives and colleagues, but also makes him/her feeble. He/she stops taking challenges in life and turns out to be good for nothing.

3. Not ready to take challenges

A lazy person is afraid to take unseen challenges. He/she strives constantly to go away from work and just rest. He/she starts to run away from the work assigned. Sometimes he/she becomes over active due to hyper tension and often ends up in a mess. He/she is very bad at completing tasks related to unseen risks.

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